Thursday, 31 July 2014

My 21st Birthday Part One | A Romantic Dinner

I had the most wonderful, lovely birthday. This year was only the second time I spent it away from my family and it's still pretty strange. I was lucky enough to staying with a friend in our old university city for a exhibition I had on in Manchester and so got to spend the day with Bernard! The actual day fell on a Sunday and with it being the Sabbath I wasn't going to be doing anything that required spending money so it was pretty low key. Bernard usually has to work Sundays, but when occasion calls ;). aha. It was so wonderful being able to attend church together and simply have our lazy Sunday afternoons back!

I have forever been in love with the Waitrose own brand packaging design by Pearl Fisher and could spend forever in store just cooing over the home baking range. With one of our favourite meals being Chicken Katsu Curry I was flipping delighted when I saw they were now offering a recipe kit for it instore! Although I was disappointed I had to also provide the rice, rather than just chicken as the front claims (and man is Waitrose chicken breast expensive), we went for a very short grain rice as opposed to the basmati it suggests, and the extra sauce (the little brown dollop) simply didn't do anything. It didn't add to the dish, but it didn't take anything away. They could've just left that bit out in my opinion. It was just nothingness. 

However, I did really enjoy the meal. The 'crust' was perfect, the sauce lovely and the chicken such good quality. Short grain rice was such a good call! (Thank you Bernard) It made it taste so much more like it does in restaurants. I would definitely purchase again for a special treat, (just maybe get the chicken somewhere else to save some money.) and the Belvoir Raspberry Lemonade we had was the most perfect accompaniment! (I feel like this post has turned into a food review)

Hardly any restaurants serve the dish (which I suppose keeps it special) so we're always on the hunt! One of the best versions we've tried is at a tiny place we once found by chance in South Kensington, London called Tombo. The super cute paper straws I bought from Tesco for roughly £1.80 for a pack of 20, unfortunately I later found a pack of 25 in B&M for 89p and so I think I may have a new obsession. The leftover straws are currently chilling in a pastel blue jar on my windowsill. :) 

After our delicious romantic meal we spent forever trying to decide what to watch on dearest Netflix and throughly enjoying our Strawberries and White Chocolate Torte. Spending the day with my love, having some of the best food and simply being together was such a beautiful way to spend my 21st birthday. 

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