Friday, 18 July 2014

D&AD New Blood Festival & Exhibition

When I was seventeen and researching what I wanted to study at university I first learnt about the organisation Design & Art Direction, an educational charity working to promote and cultivate the best in advertising and design. Every year they focus on recent graduates or the 'New Blood' of the industry by inviting creative courses from around the UK in Illustration, Advertising and Graphics to showcase their work at the New Blood Exhibition and attend talks and workshops as apart of the New Blood Festival. A few months before they release a range of competition briefs written in collaboration with large and well known corporations, open to all creative students to enter. As a result of the exhibition and the competition briefs, fifty students are handpicked to attend the prestigious Graduate Academy.  

As you can imagine D&AD has meant a great deal to me over the past three years. As a second year one of my projects was chosen to help present our Advertising course at the New Blood Exhibit and I was SO honoured. Especially as it is something often reserved for recent graduates. Being a second year at the time I simply went for the day and tried to soak in all the creativity on display. I was certainly impressed. I went, I look and I went home.

This year I had a very different experience. I made the most of the talks and events, had multiple book crits and made a point to talk to others. Putting yourself out there in a true and genuine way is so important. In many respects I enjoyed New Blood this year much more. I feel like I was taught so much! After the stresses of finishing my degree, it injected the buzz and joy back into it. Reminding us all how wonderful this industry is and how much I love what I do. 

If you are considering any of the fields mentioned above, whether it be for work, study or general interest, I strongly recommend you go next year! You can check out the photos and showcased work from this year on their flickr

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