Friday, 8 August 2014

July Favourites

Statement Necklace | Primark £6
Primark is always a little hit and miss with me, however their statement necklaces are killing it right now! While other highstreet stores charge anywhere between £20-£30 for a beautiful statement necklace, Primark are offering a wide range for under £10. If you follow me on instagram you'll have seen that I've bought two recently. I was captivated by the pastel tones and subtle nod towards art deco.  

Wonder by RJ Palacio | Asda £3.85
Now that university is finished I really wanted to get back into reading for leisure and picked up this book really cheaply in Asda on a  whim. At first I read it while half asleep at crazy o'clock at night and didn't find it very captivating. I later took it on holiday with me and spent a good few solid hours just sitting my sunburnt self on the comfy bed reading. And it was so good! While it still wasn't the most riveting of reads, I became emotionally attached to the characters and welled up towards the end. It truly is a beautifully story about coping with the differences in our lives and growing into the people we need to be. You know it was good when you feel sad that it's over.

Paper Straws | Tesco £1.50
I bought these for my birthday celebrations and I freaking love them so much! It's such a novelty product that makes me feel so pinterest and just brings an element of 'special' to any drink (especially as I don't drink alcohol). At first Bernard was very skeptical whether or not paper would work successfully as a straw, but surprisingly they hold their own pretty well! Even after leaving them in a drink for a lonnnggg while. 

Hair Scrunchies | Pink, CreamPatterned (similar)  |  Miss Selfridge £4.50 each
I found a fiver pretty pricy for one hair scrunchie but these Miss Selfridge ones are completely worth it. They are so thick and wonderful. I bought a pack of 3 black ones for £1 in Primark a while ago and they are just so tiny once I had them on my head. However these ones are so voluptuousness!! I enjoy wearing them so much. I tend to go for the 'half up, half down' hair style and love feeling all hipster #wannabe. Bernard was so kind and surprised me by buying the pink and aztec patterned one for my birthday as apart of my gift. Unfortunately I could only find an orange version of the pattered one online but hopefully the pink version will still be in store if anyone is interested. :) 

Eyeshadow Pallets | Smoky & Nudes | H&M £3.99 each
With so much time on my hands I decided to dabble in areas I've never been that indulged in before. I have always seen make up as a luxury item and tend to wear it pretty simply on a day to day basis. My younger sister studies Beauty Therapy and has a lot of make up and the like, so I've had the opportunity to experiment without spending any money! I love the looks people create on youtube but it's often using high end products such as ten mac eyeshadows which is really not ideal for someone like me. So these little pallets have been perfect! I even found a couple youtube tutorials using just them and not all the crazy expensive stuff! *yay*   

Reese's Miniatures | Asda £2
American food used to be so pricey here in the UK due to importation costs and what were probably quite high profit margins, yet due to demand they have slowly become more available and prices driven down. Bigger Asda stores have a small section in the confectionary aisle selling a range of Hershey's and Reese's, and even Tesco Expresses are starting to sell things like Lucky Charms! (Still at the hefty price of £4 but hey it's a lot better than the £7 they used to be.) I find mini sweets have way better flavour ratios! For example Mini Cadbury Creme Eggs: more chocolate, less creme. The same with Mini Oreos: less biscuit, more filling! And now these Reese's cups: more chocolate, less peanut butter stuff! I cannot stop eating the little treasures.     

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  1. Love your July faves! That necklace is so pretty and that book sounds really interesting :) x

    The Belle Narrative

    1. Thank you ever so much :). I absolutely adore the necklace and keep wearing it with everything! (oops) x


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