Tuesday, 5 August 2014

My 21st Birthday Part Two | Afternoon Tea

 Haha I love the last one of mine and Bernard's completely different expressions!

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Being one of those people who spends countless hours on pinterest I decided I wanted to do something low key for my actual celebrations and drew inspiration from the beautiful, crafty at home spreads for special occasions. Something simple, delicious food and a few people. It was a flurry of activity and luckily most people were pretty late (as expected aha). My friend Naomi was so lovely and generous, putting in so much work and letting us hold it at her place.  

My family travelled the five hours to see me graduate from university the following day and so were able to take part in the event! I was so happy to have them there. Birthdays just aren't the same without family. (My little sisters are such a matching hoodie crew!) And Bernard was of course there for the occasion. 

I wanted it to be loosely 'afternoon tea' themed. My initial idea was to go somewhere in Manchester and simply pay for afternoon tea e.g. an array of delectably tiny cakes, triangle sandwiches, some form of tea alternative, and the like. After plenty of research I found some lovely places but pinterest allured me into putting on my own spread! It would of also been quite difficult to transport everyone and less people would be able to come because of bookings, etc. However it is still my dream to experience a proper afternoon tea! Anyone have any suggestions of where to go?

Ironically my sixteenth birthday was also based on tea parties as I held a Mad Hatter Tea Party and encouraged everyone to wear hats or a fascinator. It was a day full of incredible food and teacups, not to mention an inflatable flamingo. Now two of my significant birthdays carry the mark of the 'tea party', I clearly have a soft spot for quaint British Tradition.

I was so overwhelmed by all the love, support, gifts and kindness shown. (I know it was my birthday, but still!) So much has happened in such a short space of time in my little life and it's wonderful that I have so many people to share it with. I am super sad to be leaving all of my university friends and everyone in I have met in my university city, but I know they'll all do wonderfully.

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  1. Happy belated birthday lovely! Send some baking my way!

    1. Thank you so much :D. I'll have to send some on my unicorn!! xx


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