Friday, 5 September 2014

Yellow & Grey | Home Decor Inspiration

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Having very recently finished university my mind is drawn to the absolute thrills of overall home design and home hauls. Starting on the ever optimistic pathway that is graduate life, home wears are no longer a 'must be bought quickly for university' thing, but have become a great source of excitement and consideration.

While grey and yellow initially seem to be an odd colour combination, it is one that works surprisingly well. One that is a hot youtuber favourite right now and big in the interior design world. The yellow tones add a warming effect while the grey keeps the design crisp and modern. This look is ideal for the more gender neutral home decor and works wonders in communal living spaces. Personally I find it very easy to get carried away the idea of a dollhouse full of pastel furniture, Kitchen Aid mixers and Roberts radios, however it's important to remember the men in our lives who definitely would not appreciate such a pallet! And so this trend is perfect! It's such a calming mix between the two. 

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It can be experimented with by a full blown room make over or adding simple touches many of which can be done at home with a little DIY. For example, I love the quirky geometric print backdrop in the first image. (You can find the tutorial for it here.) A few cushions thrown on the sofa or bed, or simply some yellow flowers to add a pop of sunshine. 

While the first compilation of images offer a soft approach to the trend, full of a subtle blend of geometric shapes and white tones. The ones above appear far more bold in their approach, rustic and refined all in one. Sticking to their guns, even a simple chest of draws has become a DIY project to showcase a grey ombre effect. (The above is the Ikea, 3 draw chest in pine.) And the touches of typography offer a strong graphic design feel to the room. However if the strong grey and mustard tones are too much for you, teal offers a beautiful accompaniment that softens the overall look and feel.  

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