Friday, 17 October 2014

2014/2015 Academic Diary

Is it wishful that I'm still buying academic diaries even though I am no longer in education? I'm going to go with 'super organised' instead! I absolutely love sorting out my week and seeing it all physically laid out in front of me. At university this need was completely justified with juggling my uni timetable, 'home work' if you will, a part time job, a social life, a boyfriend and church commitments. It was certainly a lot. However over the summer I simply didn't need or want to be so crazy organised. It was certain bliss milling through the endless days of sunshine, spontaneous trips and spending time with loved ones. 

The future however can be a pretty uncertain, sneaky thing, full of all sorts of ups and downs. It is of course impossible to plan everything, to perfectly map out our lives. Yet I find some wonderful satisfaction in laying it all out. After the summer I thought I could go diary-free and cope. haha. How wrong I was. It is frustrating to not see things and feel in control. I tried downloading an organiser/calendar app for my phone to see if I could get away with not spending any money on a new diary. That didn't work. I hated the unnecessary alerts. The tiny screen and how unclear it all was. I wasn't sure whether to buy a 14/15 diary as certain future plans would only allow me to use it for a few months, yet I wanted the comfort and satisfaction of having a plan in my hands and being able to jot things down with the stroke of a pen. 

It is not only the functionally of a diary I enjoy but the very design. There are some lovely ones on esty created by the oh so designy types (don't know why I'm paraphrasing them like that, I'm probably one myself) that I completely swoon over. Full of quirky illustrations, side notes and suggestions. Yet I can't justify forking out on one and I have this weird resistance to buying things online. So I turned to trusty basic high street stores such as The Works and WHSmiths. Most were out of academic diaries as September was drawing to a close and had begun selling 2015 diaries instead. Not helpful for me. Fortunately I found this one in WHSmiths for £7.99 (still abit steep if you ask me) and fell in love with the garish tones. Orange being a particularly odd choice for me, one that I've always shied away from due to my hair colour. But I love that the typography has at least been considered, that it's so bright and cheery and the pink lined edges. And quite frankly my boyfriend said I could signal down a aeroplane with it, yet every time I use it it makes me feel happier. Such a big accomplishment for something so seemingly insignificant.

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