Friday, 31 October 2014

Those Strappy Heels | New Look's Monochrome Patent Block Ankle Strap Heel

Only when my boyfriend asked me recently had I realised that I haven't bought myself a new pair of shoes in over a year!! And that last pair were fitness trainers bought in order to do Insanity rather than a dainty, girly indulgence. I love wearing heels to church every week and for special occasions yet I'm definitely not one of those people who can wear them all day doing normal activities. Man would that kill my feet! Heels definitely do take some getting used too. 

Following a lot of fashion bloggers and way too many fitness/trendy girls on instagram, the strappy heel kept appearing! More sandal than shoe they looked so elegant and beautiful. All those Scandinavian girls with their sleek blonde ponytails, raybans, red lipstick, black ensemble and those shoes! And they look absolutely gorgeous. And I thought maybe, just maybe I can make a claim on such a look through my Danish heritage and whimsically adopt the trend. :) 

I sought after an imitation of the shoes but hate spending 60 odd quid on one such an item (unless it's something substantial like a coat or Jack Wills hoodie (slightly hypocritical maybe?) aha). New Look and Primark have always been good advocates for the stylish inexpensive heel and thus my search began. And oh, I tried on many a shoe! All with problems e.g. the heel was too thin, the strap didn't give enough support, the back made my foot feel like it would twist out... the list went on and on. Then finally one day I spied these babies in New Look after work and they stayed in my thoughts until finally I succumbed and tried them on. Oh they were glorious. And now they are mine. 

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