Friday, 28 November 2014

Bleach London Beach Lights Review

I've been wanting to dye my hair blonder for so long but kept putting it off. After almost two years my ombre is gone. The end of an era. Ombre is so easy to maintain and gives the appearance of overall lighter hair. However my hair has become very damaged and requires a regular deep conditioning treatment and could probably do with a trim, but I just can't bring myself to do it!

While in a Boots in Manchester recently I came across Bleach London and was immediately captivated by their branding. An entire product range based on the hipster dip dye and pastel coloured hair, with sliver & rose shampoos, deep conditioners, dip dye and beach light kits and pastel hair dye. I decided to try the Beach Lights to create natural, blonder highlights rather than a whole head of colour. 

It came with a mini version of their Reincarnation Mask conditioning treatment sporting puns such as "Hair Dyed?", two sachets of bleach powder, a small bottle of peroxide, mixing bowl, plastic gloves, instructions, brush and balayage board. Although my hair has always been done at home ever since I was a toddler, (due to my mum's previous hair dressing experience) I have never heard of a balayage board or what balayaging even was! After some internet research, it turns out it's just another word for ombre or dip dye! Pinterest have a range of lovely examples.

After reading some other Beach Lights reviews and watching balayage tutorials online, it turns out it is still intended to be a form of dip dye. Sections of the hair are thread through the comb section and rested on the main rectangle, acting as a surface to apply the dye. Moving the balayage board down as you apply the dye to the whole strand of hair. The instructions given weren't very clear, so I recommend watching a video on youtube to clarify. :) But it was definitely easier than it sounded.     

I sectioned the hair according to the illustration in the instructions and worked on picking random sections and applying dye along the whole length rather than just the end. At first I was worried there wouldn't be enough dye, but it expanded once mixed. However I found the mixing bowl provided was pretty small and limiting when combining the bleach powder and peroxide. 

Having fallen in love with the ombre affect and low maintenance, I wanted my highlights to be similar and gently blend in appearing natural. My hair hasn't been highlighted in years so I am unsure how easy maintaining roots would be and didn't want a harsh grow out as associated with block colour dying. 

As my hair has been previously ombre-ed however I focused on applying more dye to the upper sections and hardly any to the ends of the hair. I didn't cover the applied sections with foil or anything and just let it sit gently on top of all the others regardless of whether they had dye on or not. This didn't seem to mix or affect the outcome at all fortunately. 

The bleach was incredibly strong and gave off a strong scent and burned my fingers slightly as I'm silly I didn't use the plastic gloves provided, I just find them a hinderance. However the Reincarnation Mask worked incredibly well and my hair felt in lovely condition after the process rather than dried out, easy to break and unmanageable. I'm incredibly pleased with the mask and glad that I also bought the bigger bottle. 

I left the dye on for 40minutes and conditioning treatment for 30minutes.

I would greatly recommend this product. If I was to go back in time and repeat the process, I would have saved more dye for the top section of my hair, blended it more at the roots and worn my gloves! Yet for my first attempt at home high lights I was incredibly pleased.  

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