Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Gifts for Her Under £15 | 2014 Edition

This Christmas has been one of Secret Santa's for me, but in the spirit of quirky gift giving I thought it adapt to share a cute 'Gifts for Her 2014 Edition' and with most people still buying their Christmas gifts it really isn't too late to take advantage of the Limited Edition ranges and novelty buys. 

An ideal stocking filler this year would be some chocolate satsumas! River Island had some amazing ones, but unfortunately sold out super quick! Traditionally Santa would always give me a satsuma in my stocking along with chocolate coins, a 50p bag of sweets from the market and various other knick nacks including fluffy socks and sleep masks. Yet my little satsuma would often get left feeling lonely and unwanted, so a chocolate alternative is perfect! And is there really such a thing as too much chocolate at Christmas!!? 

My hand picked goodies this year are....

A book that reminds me of 'Wreck this Journal' and Alfie Deyes 'Pointless Book', it is an exercise book/notebook that aims to aid us on our creative journey. Ideal for those stuck in a creative rut and need a figurative kick up the backside to help get their creative juices flowing once more! It certainly appeals to me having finished university and on the search for constant self motivation to keep going in fun, creative pursuits. 

It is so easy to buy decorative home items that are simply not useful and entice us with their beauty. This dish brings together design, functionality and gives you a blooming unicorn for a pet! So often jewellery is taken off and lost, especially earrings and simple necklaces. This dish offers a solution to that and would complement any shabby chic room, you might even feel a tad hipster.. *Pass the triangle!* 

A magical seasonal scent perfect for those who prefer showers over baths. A product that allows one to dip their toe in the massive cult following that is Lush and not feel too overwhelmed by bath bombs galore and overpowering scents. As someone who often tags along with others into the store and so far having never made a purchase there, I was introduced to the shower gel by a sales assistant. It really made me want to purchase this and replace my beloved Soap & Glory (if only temporarily...),  I was smitten.  

Often it seems buying cosmetic sets is abit of a gift cop out but this year No.7 has launched a beautiful range of rosegold gifts with pale purple and pink ribbon. Absolute swoon!!! Clearly they have done their market research! Rosegold seems to have taken the hearts of everyone this year and the packaging is so perfect it almost doesn't matter what's inside. The single crackers come in the rosegold colour for £8 or buy this set of six for £14. Definitely something to consider if you're hosting a girly Christmas Dinner!

Treat the ones you love this festive season, even if that person is you!

*I don't own any of the photos in this post

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  1. I am obsessed with this unicorn, so much so, I may treat myself this Christmas, like you said! Loved this post.

    Love, Summer.

    1. It's so flipping cuteeee :D I think Urban Outfitters used to do some similar and there's a shop in Affleck's in Manchester that sells it!! You so should! #treatyoself

      Thanks :D glad you liked it!


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