Tuesday, 13 January 2015

My Response to The Response | My Mission Call Arrived and I'm Not Going

Thank you so much everyone who read, commented and messaged me about my blog post 'I Received My Mission Call and I'm Not Going'. Hearing all your stories and the huge response it received was so humbling!

Blown away. Overwhelmed. Humbled. Not deserving almost... 

All I expected was maybe twenty likes on my personal facebook account. 

I absolutely cannot believe the response my last post has caused!!! I decided to publicly share the post as a way to keep a record of a milestone in my life, one that granted didn't come to fruition in the way I expected, but one that I know will affect me for eternity. To share my experience on the off chance that it might help others, that maybe someone could relate or might even be going through something similar.

Writing the post actually helped me make my decision. To finally be bold in my choices and just choose!!! I wrote one for going on my mission and one for not. The contrast between the two was insane! 'Going' felt so void of emotion, so insincere and forced. Whereas 'Not Going' (as you have now seen) was massively long(!), my most emotive blog post ever and driven. Four months later and I finally decided to share it with the world. 

Missions are often talked about in such a positive manner (and rightly so) but often leave out the struggle people go through to get there. Or not in my case, and sometimes that's the best thing for the person! I love the idea of people being more open and understanding the burdens, trials and experiences of others! An early returned missionary or someone who turns down their call (even for reasons you don't know.. especially for reasons you don't know) should be given your full love and support! Not awkward conversation and confused looks. Difficult I know!! Even for me at times. :D

Often the person in question may not feel comfortable enough to share the reasons with you, maybe you don't actually know them that well, maybe it's such a long story, something they don't know how to express or even fully understand themselves!! Especially for females who are not required to serve as full time missionaries. And quite often you do not need to know

And so.. as my little blogs stats grew higher and higher I tried to not be surprised, to be pleased that the Lord was helping me to comfort others. But as it continued to climb second after second, I was in awe! What did all these people think? Are they even interested? It's a pretty heavily religious post...

Within 24 hours of the post going live my blog gained over 1,200 views, 900 of which on the post's specific page. Making it the second most popular post in my two and a half years of blogging!!! IN TWENTY FOUR HOURS!!! 

I started receiving comments and messages in abundance. So many compliments, similar experiences, expressions of gratitude. I almost cried!! I feel so humbled and blessed to have so much support and to be given this opportunity to talk to others about their own lives. I was so nervous about publishing the post, feeling that it was almost controversial. A voluntary mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is such a wonderful, noble and selfless thing. I am so grateful for all those who have served and wish to serve. Yet is it reassuring to know that whether or not we serve, if we counsel with the Lord and move forward in faith, he will not forsake us. 

Thank you so much to everyone! I love you.

(On the off chance anyone else wants to talk about this further, you can reach me at kieraashleighbroderick@gmail.com)

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