Sunday, 8 February 2015

Too Young To Get Married?

(Why hello there engagement photoshoot sneak peek!)

"When are you getting married?"


"THIS March?!!!"

Is the average response I have received. Yes, I know there is a lot to do and I know I haven't got a lot of time. Thank you for reminding me. Many people have responded to our news in different ways. Fortunately the majority have been so lovely and kind, supportive and even excited for us! Whereas others who don't know us so well seem confused, question my age, respond passively or even with scepticism. I cannot be bothered with people's response or feeling an obligation to explain my life choices, as quite frankly it does not involve them. However it is human nature to cling to negatives (these responses). Some Primary School teachers are even trained to deliver constructive criticisms with a technique called a sandwich: a positive, the constructive criticism and another positive.   

This has caused me to shy away from using the word fiancé in casual conversation, instead at times I will use the term 'partner'. It is easier. It may even make me cowardly? But I know that in myself I am truly confident in the choice that I have made. I know that it is the best and happiest and most wonderful choice for our lives. We are so incredibly excited. It just seems sad that people find it difficult to comprehend our happiness and our choices.

Recently graduated from university, working on making my chosen career pathway full time, working freelance, interning and being a waitress is all very demanding work. Fitting in valuable family time, church endeavours, quality time with my love and getting enough sleep is certainly very hard work! Never mind planning a wedding!!! Those who have said that being engaged is better than marriage itself, or even a time when you get to see each other loads; you were wrong. aha. Being engaged is insanely stressful, although it is also very exciting. We hardly ever get to see each other. And I know that being able to wake up next to each other every day and start our lives together properly once we are married will be incredible! Far better than any engagement could ever be.

However I now completely understand why many people make their engagements last for much longer than our almost six months, hire wedding planners, spend ages saving (because goodness is it expensive!). But it's doable. It has given us an opportunity to celebrate our relationship in many new ways, to make our wedding a labour of love. Something we can look back on with gratitude for the strength we had to make it an important part of our already busy lives, for all the talents and help of others and our dedication to one another and our loving Heavenly Father, and in doing what we believe and know to be the best choice for us. 

While I am slightly terrified because it is all such a huge transition, especially at such a constantly changing time in our lives. I know with all my being that this is the most wonderful and blessed part of my existence. That there is no other way I would want to move forward with my life and no other person I would rather do so with. 

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  1. I'm extremely happy for you Keira!! Yes you may be a bit crazy for putting yourself through that much stress planning your wedding, but why not have it so soon? You're doing it the way you want to while the magic of it all is still there. I'm fully with you on this one, after graduating and starting a career, naturally the next steps should be marriage and a family!! I know that's how i feel anyway.

    My mum got married at 18 amd back then no one questioned her if she was too young because starting a family back then was the normal thing to do. So why is it so frowned upon in this day in age?!

    I wouldn't let the negativity get to you, your wedding day will be the happiest day of your life and i wish the best for the both of you :) good luck with the rest of the planning!!

    Meg Xx


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