Thursday, 12 March 2015

Be In Love. Not Just With People, But The Life You Lead.

When we talk about love it is usually for the people in our lives or objects. Our new iPhone, netflix or favourite chocolate brands bringing out their range of easter goodies! We might say we loved a place or an experience on our travels, but we often fail to remember to love the very life that we lead. I don't mean the miracle that it is to be alive, but the very day to day routines and activities. Waking up in the morning and seeing the sunshine stream through the window, possibly exercising, scriptural study, the commute to work or school, actually being at and enjoying said studies or employment, loving having those things and opportunities, or not having studies or a job and making the best of that, eating meals, looking after ourselves, returning home... the list could go on forever. 

Yet not everyone's life is like that. Right now I don't have a job with a standard 9-5 routine. After my last internship, I've taken time out to prepare for my wedding. A luxury, but one that is a double edged sword. Spending so much time in the confines of your own home can be demotivating and frustrating. You can quickly forget what activities it is you have used to fill your day with and then feel like you've not achieved anything when in reality you have done quite a lot! 

It can be easy to list the little things you know will help with your happiness; regular exercise and regular scripture study. But to implement them can be another thing all together. When studying your scriptures reminds you of the LDS mission you choose not to go on and the very thought of exercise reminds you of how much you haven't exercised and you feel weak from everyone else in your home being constantly ill!

Last October I got my mission call and decided not to go. A huge decision that has forever changed my life in many many ways. However it was a dream, a goal that I held in my heart for a long time. I worked long and hard to achieve it. I fantasied about it, I heard and read stories, the experiences of others, I see my friends photos, I spiritually prepared, I saved money, etc, etc, etc. I held to it like an anchor. Yet after one incredibly trying month (at least), a great deal of heart ache, prayer, counsel and thought I voluntarily gave it up. Six months on I still mourn for what could have been. 

It has made me realise that our dreams are so incredibly important. That our faith does not rest of on one experience or one hope. It's what we strive towards that helps us become the people we want to be and the best versions of ourselves. When one dream passes, or comes to completion we need to remember that is not it. We need to push ourselves forward with love and kindness and fill our lives with more dreams as equally wonderful and as emotionally as important as the last (if not more). We need to love the people we become, and the everyday that helps us get there. 

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