Monday, 27 April 2015

A 'Lookbook' Style Wedding Invitation

I'm so excited to finally be sharing these! For our wedding I knew that we wanted to design our own invitations. We weren't overly fond of the traditional script lettering, formality and ten separate pieces of paper floating around in one envelope. I wanted all our information in one place, for it to be engaging, different and a reflection of our personal styles. And so, what kind of aspiring Creatives would we be if we paid someone else to do our design work for us?! We worked with our amazing photographer (Photography by Nicola) to create a narrative through our engagement photos that not only showed us as a couple but gave a glimpse of the journey we've been on. 

I was inspired for the 'lookbook' format by Pie 'N' the Sky's invitations and knew that I wanted Bernard & I to work on the design side of things, which included hours and hours looking for the right typefaces, playing with the information we wanted to include, which photos, the sizes, printing price research, etc, etc. We wanted our invitations to showcase who were were and things that were important too us, especially for those being sent out to friends and family who only knew either myself or Bernard.

It was the first anyone had seen any of our engagement shoot (the photos aren't even on facebook) which were taken at a local art gallery & museum where we had our first date almost two years ago. We hadn't been back there since and it was so fun walking around pointing out where we had kissed and which pieces of work were still there! We went for a tone of voice was casual and friendly, opening with a simple Hello we wanted our friends and family to feel welcome and understand everything that was going on. We included a summary of our story with key events e.g. photos of him holding the hairbo ring and myself holding the mission decline letter, explained the importance of temple marriage and simply what it was, wrote mini introductions for each of us, a short poem Bernard had written explaining about gifts, along with all the locations, times, rsvp information, etc.

With everything else going on however, they were a lot of hard work and we didn't send them out until pretty late. Yet I'm so so happy with them! They're so beautiful and really achieved everything we had intended. 

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