Saturday, 30 May 2015

Use Your And

Self worth is so fundamental. You are told that you cannot truly love others until you love yourself and in some ways I think that is true. We all have the capacity to love but we often shy away from it, especially romantically. It seems to be something so difficult, to be so vulnerable and to trust someone else so fully. My husband was the first person I ever told 'I love you to' in that sense and it was terrifying. (Luckily he said it first) It has become something we must almost learn, to let go and to form healthy, wonderful relationships full of equality, support, love, compassion, work and fun.

To learn more about why healthy relationships are important and how we can create them go to: Breaking Up Without Going to Pieces

Yet even that very notion of loving someone else, of that fairytale romance and 'happy ending' it is so much more widely accepted than just loving you. In British culture we tend to understate things and mean the opposite, whether we are talking about our skills or simply being seemingly polite when someone is in our way. It is part of who we are to downplay and not mean it. To be jumped on for being arrogant or ostentatious when we do 'blow our own trumpet' or make a simple statement about ourselves "I feel pretty today" or "I'm good at x" we become afraid of being too forward or prideful.

But I feel that is so wrong. It is incredibly ok to recognise your strengths and highlight them in normal conversation. You can be humble and still recognise who you are and love yourself for it. We speak of Jesus Christ as the most perfect person to ever walk the Earth and yet He stood up for who He was and what He was. Being bold and defined and finding truth in who you are is not a sin. It is not bad. In fact it is the complete opposite. It brings you happiness. To have confidence in yourself.

We are taught to "Love your neighbour as yourself" and I can remember thinking as a teenager, "But what if I don't love myself?" a real question that people struggle with for years.

You are worth loving.

You are worth more than you can ever imagine.

You deserve a healthy relationship with yourself!

Since finishing university almost one year ago life has changed dramatically. In this past year I have felt more joy and more misery more frequently than I have ever experienced in this mortal life. And it has been hard. It is easy to lose confidence in yourself even if just for a short while. It is easy to question. And so it is vital to remind yourself of who you are!!

You are a daughter of God.

You are a princess.

You are perfect through Him.

Yet even then, you are still more. You are you. You have countless roles, interests, possibilities and experiences. The female razor company Venus recently introduced a campaign called 'Use Your And' which I discovered through a few youtubers they had gotten in touch with. While I feel the video for the campaign is over dramatic and probably more suited to an American audience, I really appreciated the concept and sentiment of what they were trying to achieve.

And so I encourage all of you (male and female) to create a list of your 'ands'. I've tried this exercise a few times and it really uplifts me. It reminds me that I am more than this moment and that there is much to be happy about and appreciate about myself. I hope it does something similar for you!

A Few of My &s

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