Monday, 8 June 2015

Teacup Kitchen | Things to do in Manchester

My university friend Leanne and I have made it a mission of ours to explore Manchester's Northern Quarter every time we meet for a catch up. Boasting an array of vintage clothing stores, alternative art galleries, hipster cafes, chocolatier specialists and tea-rooms it's clear too see why. Neatly hidden away behind the rather large Arndale shopping centre, it's easy to overlook  and miss out. But it's hidden quality only adds to it's gemlike appeal. A secret place buzzing with life but doesn't hold the manic busyness of a city. 

After seeing it last time Teacup was a place I had mentally bookmarked to visit. Looking for somewhere cute to catch up over a hot drink, we went in expecting small and cosy, only to find it much larger and far more uniquely furnished. Botanical studies lined the walls, wooden antique chairs that reminded me of a posh primary school, hung lighting, large spaces, and a menu offering hot food aswell as a beautiful cake counter. 

Specialising in a wide variety of tea, including the oh so tumblr flowering kind, they also offer fresh health boosting juices, milkshakes, and sweet potato fries!! (Always a win) It seemed most customers where opting for either cake or sandwiches (it was lunchtime after all). Leanne's Vanilla Cacao tea was served with a little honey, brewed in a teapot until the colourful sand timers ran out, causing beeping then transferred it to another pot before drinking. I ordered the Lemon Zingi fresh juice (apple, lemon, ginger & grape), I was certainly tempted by the milkshakes but decided with cake it might all be too sweet. 

After pouring over the menu for years and years we headed over to the cake counter to see the selection. From rainbow cake to red velvet, they even featured a blue iced masterpiece in aid of Mind week, raising awareness and funds for the mental health charity. We both opted for the White Chocolate and Poppy Seed Cake and it was glorious. Definitely homemade, enormous and delicious. The combination was simply perfect, there was even nuggets of white chocolate throughout the filling! It was so absolutely indulgent that we both couldn't finish it and had to take the remainder home! 

Even the staff fitted the every essence of the place, so laid back but super helpful. They offered to move us as a large party was due to come in near where we were initially sat and made sure to check everything was ok. Making recommendations on drinks, they certainly were up to speed with the menu and above all enthusiastic about where they worked. I have always loved the idea of afternoon tea and will definitely be returning, although next time I think I'll give the hot/savoury menu a go too!

In my element!!

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