Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Dating my Husband #1 | A Weekend in London

During New Blood Bernard and I hardly saw each other and we knew that we wouldn't have many opportunities to take days out over the next few months, so we booked some out to continue our time in London and simply be together. 

Our weekend started off dragging our suitcases around London as our accommodation set up changed and had the fun job of taking them with us on the tube mid heatwave and through crowded streets. We stopped off at Trafalgar Square in hope that we could look around the National Art Gallery but were denied due to our suitcases :(. Not quite ready to face the tube yet we took a break and joined a large number of people lying down outside the gallery on a small grassy area. Such a contrast to the swarms of people walking through the square directly in front of us! In central London I always feel very aware that I am in London. Compared to the more niche areas that feel so familiar. 

While soaking up the insane summer sun I noticed a man holding what looked like a small fisherman's net attached to two wooden sticks or poles. Strange, but there are many strange things in London with so many people about! That I gave it little thought until I noticed a large concession of bubbles float over my head!!! Turns out what he had been holding was an incredible bubble making invention, making kids go crazy and filling the sky with such beautiful spheres. Some of the largest bubbles I have ever seen!! I tried to film it but I couldn't quite capture the beauty of the moment. Sudden flocks of translucent, pastel bubbles moving so softly with the sun shining through them. And all for free.  

The following morning I took Bernard to The Breakfast Club for the first time because I knew he would go crazy for it! We stupidly went to the one in Soho (near Oxford Street) as it was on route but had to queue a good 30minutes outside before we were even seated. Fortunately for us (but not for the company) we saw a lot of people leave due to queuing for so long, so Breakfast Club you seriously need to expand that venue/cafe! We only stuck it out as I really wanted him to try it! And man was it glorious. 

A much smaller cafe than the Hoxton one I had previously been too, we were much closer to our fellow customers! But the atmosphere was great (albeit a little loud) and the food divine. I'd forgotten how big the portions are and how insanely delicious it is! Seriously go there!!!  (But another location unless you want to wait for days. Or book.) I had a huge stack of Pancakes and Berries with added bacon. The vanilla cream alone was incredible. Bernard as hungry as he was forwent the pancakes and opted for a hearty serving of The Full Monty. He ate it so fast I didn't get a photo...

Then we headed to Oxford Street, where as all you Lush heads know they have recently opened up a massive three floor flagship store! (With it's own instagram account..) The fact it sells over 200 exclusive products is reason enough to pop in. It was so different to any other Lush store as they are usually so small and intimate but it was definitely an experience in-keeping with the brand. Full of wooden crates, vintage touches and bright colours it really is any bath girls dream. Having only gotten into Lush recently myself I simply wanted to see what it was like and check it out as a brief experience rather than focus too heavily on any individual products. (Separate blog post to come soon!) We were even greet by an incredibly enthusiastic member of the Lush team, it almost felt like American customer service. Not only was she insanely excited but she clearly loved her job and everything on offer. Someone could easily be lost in there for days. 

And last, we finished off our weekend with a quick trip to the Saatchi Gallery. A place we last visited back in 2013 when we just started dating. A very contemporary and wacky place with clean cut architecture, where you can always expect to find some very weird and unique pieces. The one above is by artist Jean-Francois Bocle called Everything Must Go, it was the first piece we saw when we entered gallery 1 (out of 15) and it was by far my favourite. It was huge! It evoked an experience, a sense of space, it considered impact both as spacial awareness and the issue at hand. I love art that not only makes me feel but immerses me.

Our very first date was at a local art gallery. It has become something so ingrained in us and it is wonderful just how many free art galleries and museums there are across the UK. I always want to take actively advantage of it, not simply because it's there or because it's free but for our insatiable love for all things design and creative.

Where would you recommend for a date in London?

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