Thursday, 13 August 2015

Birthday Treats | 22

If anything I just want to show you how gorgeous these photos are! I'm so proud of them :). It's the first 'set up' photography I have done with my new camera. So often we take gorgeous blog and instagram photos for granted but there is seriously so much work put into them when you break down the props, the backdrops and layouts people use (I'm sure there's even so much more to consider that I haven't even thought about). 

For these I draped my new pastel blue coat over the coffee table, used some of the flowers from the insane bouquet my husband bought me and messed around with it all near a window, then picked the best ones! It was so much fun. 

So here are some of the beautiful, thoughtful gifts I received for my 22 birthday. 

All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher 
An advice book aimed at teenagers with helpful tips and personal stories. Certainly something I would want my littlest sister to read. Unlike a novel I can power through, I've taken my time reading this book. Every so often I pause as it brings to light memories and experiences I have had. Definitely something very reflective. I watch Carrie's videos on youtube and love her for her book reviews and originality. 

Penguin Classic. Fairytales by Brothers Grimm
You may have seen in your local Waterstones that Penguin are celebrating 80years by releasing 80 classics in black sleek covers based on the iconic 1930s design, each for only 80p! While fawning over the aesthetics of the brand and concept of the campaign multiple times, I never actually purchased any. Turns out I didn't need to!

Honey I Washed the Kids 
I throughly enjoy Lush for the overall store experience that it's very uncommon for me to be attached to any individual product. However after being taken to the store again and again I was often pulled in by this one. Nothing too luxurious, a soap. But one with fricking honey on it! I want to eat it. 

Oh Comely Magazine 
Elegant, vintage and soft. This whole magazine is stunning. More of a well made book than traditional glossy you find in your local doctors waiting room, I was blown away by the design and gentle appeal. Hipster, but the right kind. Nothing arrogant or brashly ironic going on here. A simple lifestyle magazine that explores treasures and creativity, making me want to live better and love more. "Sacred Curiosity." (says it all really)

I Wish I Was A Unicorn. Tote Bag
Standard idelogy of course. Anything unicorn related and I'm yours. 

I Wish You Were A Unicorn. Note Book
Ohh Dear, a stationary company stumbled upon through instagram and Urban Outfitters offer such beautiful and whimsical designs. I'd been considering buying a few of their notebooks for upcoming adventures and simply to record my thoughts. Since the whole mission thing I've been keeping a journal, at times scriptural or spiritual and others the musings of my mind. Right now I use a brown notebook from Tiger which I hope to decorate with hand lettered typography, but this baby is for sure my next journal. The colours, themes and everything about it is so quintessentially me. 

All My Friends Are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman 
I love watching vlogs and such on youtube and this book is a highly recommended read by Carrie Hope Fletcher. I haven't started it yet but I was surprised by how thin it is! I wouldn't usually go for such a small book but I'm interested to see what I make of it. 

Thorntons Chocolate Covered Fudge
I could eat this for dayyyysssss. Seriously, I have had so many bags of this stuff recently and It. Is. Glorious. They're only sold in big bags so I can justify buying them that size right? Right? 

I was so touched by how thoughtful all my gifts were. I didn't want anything expensive or 'big' for my birthday and I am so so happy to have such an incredible support network of friends and family who know me so well and support me in all my decisions. Here's to being 22 and all the adventures to come!!

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