Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Saying Goodbye to the North

The time had come to finally leave. 4 years on and off spent living in my university city. My parents home now in the Peak District. My entire university life, meeting my husband, getting married and getting my degree all happened here. But it's finally time to leave and move forward. I never thought that I would like the north of England as much as I did. Let's just say it grew on me. 

The constant grey skies. The cold. The overly friendly people and the odd accents that sounded like a new language all together. Many people assumed I was posh due to my southern accent and joked about me owning a swan *facepalm*. It always shocked me when people said that they had never been to London. Gravy on everything! Pies within bread rolls.. or baps or barms. 

It's been good. 

With the big move to London on the Horizon I meet up with my dear university friend Leanne in Manchester for the last time! Every month or so we would often venture there for a catch up and visit our favourite place in the Northern Quarter, Teacup Kitchen. As as a lovely start to our day, at the train station we were given free bottles of Lucozade to promote their new flavours and I couldn't resist going for the Pink Lemonade and coordinating it for this photo. 

And on to Teacup Kitchen we went. 
(It's the little red and brick place on the left)

I went for sweet Potato fries and a halloumi stack.

But of course it wouldn't be a trip to Teacup Kitchen without fawning over all the mouth watering cakes and going for my favourite white chocolate and poppy seed. I'm really going to miss this place and need to find a similar cafe in London (that isn't ludicrously priced). Any suggestions would be massively appreciated? A girls gotta have her quirky cafe, cake indulgence and what would life be without a decent portion of sweet potato fries!!

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