Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Our First Few Days as Londoners | A Photo Diary

I've gotten into the habit of carrying around my camera and making the most of being a semi tourist while I still can! Moving to central London means there's constantly so many things we can see and do. We've spent a lot of time here before we actually moved and so we've done much of the standard touristy things. We spent our first few days getting used to our new living arrangements, exploring our local area and parts of London we've never been to before. 

We live in a beautiful area that feels like a suburban town within central London, full of restaurants, families and sunshine. We only have to walk five minutes to reach local shops, restaurants such as Giraffe, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Pizza Express, Franco Manca, Starbucks (there's at least three within walking distance), a Tesco Express, Budgens and a Gail's Artisan Bakery to name a few. And to reach our nearest tube stop!! Which is crazy convenient. Let's just say that we'll be eating our way around London.

One Sunday afternoon we found our way to Paddington by chance and I couldn't believe how much hotter London is compared to the North. I've gotten too used to grey skies and wearing at least two jackets. Paddington was such a gorgeous residential area that felt much more like the city but calm and easy going. Filled with beautiful blocks of flats and again lots of well known restaurants all over looking a large body of water leading to a canal where we found girls doing yoga across kayaks, people lounging in the sun, children running through a water feature and just general happy spirits. 

Throughout our travels Zizzi's has definitely become one of our favourite restaurants! Where we currently live we are unable to really store or cook any food, and although they do offer us a main evening meal we sometimes miss it and it is a very low budget version of school dinners. So going out to eat occasionally has been a real luxury and a welcome change. 

It's amazing that everyday there are so many things to do. I can wake up and easily visit world famous landmarks, architecture and art. So many things are at our disposal and are incredibly easy to get to. I'm so excited to be able to visit pop up events, exhibitions and London exclusives. Many people have exclaimed that it must be such a big move for us or that London is much more fast paced but truly I love it and so far the transition has been very easy, albeit very expensive. Even though we are still starting out as newly weds and in our careers I am already so happy with our incredible lifestyle and I cannot wait to see how it'll continue to develop.

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