Monday, 9 November 2015

Balloons Over Covent Garden

Heartbeat by Charles Pétillon

Living in London means I can FINALLY make the most of all the beautiful art that the capital has to offer. Never have I had such ease and such access to so much inspiration. Not only am I surrounded by some of the most famous art galleries in the world but I'm also spoilt for choice by pop up installations and events. When I started to see blog posts and articles spring up about this piece I was so excited that I would be able to go see it in person. I have always found installations to be such an immersive and moving experience. While I love traditional oil painting, contemporary art has such a beauty to it. This piece is entitled Heartbeat by Charles Pétillon, a French artist. Representing that Covent Garden is a central heart to London's West End. Hundreds of balloons in various sizes ebbing with light. Of course followed by the countless people snapping selfies with them.  

By accident I found a pop up gallery that accompanied the installation piece. Practically empty it was a clear contrast to the view in the green house style market place. Filled with strong photography depicting similar artwork across various venues holding a simple elegance. Work that I would happily hang in my future home. I just wish that more people would not have missed out on this additional exhibition. I personally had heard nothing about it and only saw the unit because I was investigating the Magnum ice cream pop up store one shop down. (For which the queue was massive!) What do you think of Pétillon's work? Would you feel disappointed if you had missed out on the gallery show? 

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