Thursday, 5 November 2015

Eating at Camden Markets

This has been one of my best London days so far. I hadn't visited Camden in over two years and while we live really close by I wanted to reserve it for a Saturday with Bernard or friends. We actually got invited to hang out with an old school friend of mine and her boyfriend to do just that and it was my best Camden experience so far. We spent a few hours exploring all the maze of market boutiques, book stores and eating food. These churros are honestly the most delicious I've eaten in my life! 

They were freshly made on site. The girl working on the stall churned the dough out of an old fashioned machine that resembled a sausage making machine. She churned out the raw dough churro shape, cooked and filled them. Stuffed with caramel and chocolate and covered in sugar. While it was the most expensive churro we've ever ordered. It. Was. Insane. While I didn't look at the name of the company it can be found to the right of Oliver's Fish & Chips next to the Chocolate Banana stall in an outer food court.

As we ventured further into the markets we came across so many trinkets and oddities. From crazy rave stores, more food, vintage jewellery and glass lanterns. Bernard actually laid down on the floor in the middle of the store to take that photo! It would be so easy to get lost and distracted for days. It was filled with such an array of people, tourists, locals, even a little girls birthday party complete with pink crowns! There's a second Cereal Killer Cafe here (the original in Shoreditch), indoor and outdoor markets and a hipster/galaxy/pink unicorn store that my 16yr old self would absolutely die over! 

We entered into a labyrinth of bookshelves piled high to the ceiling and I could hardly contain my excitement. Having spent most of the day in the markets it was vital that we tried much of the delicious food on offer. From that incredible churro to Chicken Katsu Curry (one of our favourite dishes) and Chin Chin's famous nitrogen ice cream sandwiches. Certainly a first for me! A wonderful place to visit for an 'alternative' grunge side of London contrasting with the posh and traditional.

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