Tuesday, 22 December 2015

DIY Christmas | Pinterest Inspiration

It's so easy to get lost in the depths of pinterest and spend hours and hours filling our eyeballs with beautifully handcrafted, dreamy lives. But it really is a wonderful place to be inspired and find interesting articles and blogs. With this festive season being our first as newly weds we spent a while debating whether or not to buy a Christmas tree and so I took to pinterest for ideas of decorations I could make and simply hang from our fairy lights if we didn't buy one or to substitute spending money on tree decorations. We have never had a joint home before and so I always relied on my parent's Christmas decorations and even though I lived alone at university I only ever made elaborate snowflakes. 

I was amazed by how seriously many people seem to take Christmas in the sense of decor, wrapping and outfits. There were so many beautifully wrapped presents, geometric paper ornaments and use of nature in wreaths and floral crowns. I have never been drawn to wreaths before but now living in London I have seen so many on such an array of front doors. My favourite have been those that are perfectly colour co-ordinated!! It's inspired me to really consider adding that to our future (more established) home. I must say I am not surprised to find marble and copper/rose gold dusted about in this years Christmas decor in stores and online but I really love it. 

Weirdly enough this year I've also found that many many people are against using tinsel! I made the decision not to have it on our tree and used thin sliver chaining instead, but I definitely think I have been influenced by the internet. I have been watching a lot of vlogmas series on youtube and clearing searching on pinterest and so many people seem to have focused on a more elegant approach. I've seen a lot of wooden ornaments, geometric, lights and the odd pastel unicorn. I have really enjoyed seeing how other people have decorated and are choosing to celebrate Christmas this year. It gets me more excited to create a DIY Christmas in our home in the future and hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my favourite picks from pinterest. You can find them all on my pinterest Christmas page here and click through to find all the sources. 

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