Sunday, 10 January 2016

2015 | A Year in Review

This year has been pretty full of transitions. It's been 18months since I finished university and my life has had such a fluid structure. In 2015 I've lived in three different homes, moved to London, interned, applied for ten thousand jobs, narrowed down the things that I truly feel passionate and excited about and have a plan in motion to make that my day job. Got married!! My husband graduated university. I've worked as a waitress for 15 months at 2 different companies, and 3 different branches due to all the moving. Starting painting again and starting vlogging on youtube!!! I've created so many plans for ways to continue moving toward and create a life for both myself and my husband. While we may be broke and living in one little extortionate room in a London hostel it's been an incredible year and it's only going to get better. 

The Highs & Lows 

Interned as a Junior Creative/Art Director at Advertising Agency Gyro Manchester

Worked Freelance as a Junior Creative

Planned a wedding!!! 

Saved money via waitressing

Alice in Wonderland themed Bridal Shower at the Richmond Tea Rooms organised by my sister Crystal!!

Amelia moved in for the week running up to wedding to help with preparations  

Got Married!!

Honeymooned in Lanzarote 

Moved back to Preston, Lancashire

Continued waitressing there at a different branch

Family holiday near Hastings

Volunteered in London working at D&AD Judging Week

Returned to the North

Volunteered in London working at D&AD New Blood Festival 

Returned to the North 

Turned 22

Bernard graduated university with a FIRST

Bernard & I lived apart for NINE WEEKS while he started interning in London

Became First Counsellor on Stake Young Womens 
(church volunteer work with girls 12-18yrs across 6 cities/towns)

Continued waitressing 

Spent Sophia's (my sister) birthday with her in Preston, showing her the church memorial stuff, Japanese gardens, eating waffles, drinking milkshakes and took her to work at the restaurant where they treated her like a Queen! 

Hassle of London housing


Started vlogging

Transferred again for work (as a waitress)

Got rejected from lots of jobs due to lack of experience

Started painting again

Started volunteering as part of the Young Curators Group at the William Morris Gallery

Paying extortionate amounts of money for London rent

I started making friends with other bloggers via the internet!

Visited a lot of galleries and had London adventures

Leanne came to visit!

Got accepted for an art based internship starting in the new year(!!!)

Visited our families after 4months apart (6 for Bernard)

Had our first Christmas as a married couple!

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