Wednesday, 20 January 2016

2016 Diary | Kikki K Purchase

Before Christmas Tasha introduced me to Kikki K, a beautiful Swedish stationary store who have just opened their first store in the UK! In Covent Garden literally around the corner from each other you can find their pop up shop right on the courtyard and their new permanent store on a side street. It. Is. Wonderful!! Everything looks like it should be on pinterest. The store has fake office set ups that look like dreamy home offices, they sell rose gold clocks (for £25 mind you), those iconic Swedish wooden horse, and even fake instant snow! 

As I browsed their aesthetically appealing notebooks, pens, life and home organisers it became clear that the creators of these brand are promoting a philosophy and not just stationary. They have notebooks for mindfulness, looking after yourself, recording dreams and positive/uplifting quotes. Design was clearly a well considered element of this brand. While my final diary purchase is very cutesy, they also stock minimal designs and workplace considered organisers, handbags and a few leather iPad cases that are incredibly elegant. 

They are on the more expensive side for stationary so I spent a few weeks debating over which diary to buy. I haven't had a diary for the past six months because I couldn't find one I liked enough and I have found it stressful and now I've started a new internship and continuing my waitressing job I really wanted to better organise my week. I've been genuinely so excited about this purchase. I was more drawn to the covers of the leather diaries but I just didn't like page layouts and as that was the part i'll be using I decided to look further. I browsed online and checked both of their stores twice. I eventually decided on this diary from their sweet range for a few reasons. 

Illustrations - I loved this touch. They add a lot of character and will add cheer to my day. Between each month there is a double page spread devoted purely to illustrations about that upcoming month. At the back of the diary there are illustrated stickers including words like PAYDAY which will be so helpful rather than having to write out the same things every month.  

Size - I need my diaries to be small enough to fit in any bag and not weigh it down. The covers need to support themselves so I can easily write in it without needing to find a surface to lean on. The one I bought is A6 but they do a range for most designs. 

Layout - I like having my weeks displayed on a double page spread with blank section for each day. Some diaries have timesheets for each day but I imagine that would only work if you had a crazy schedule and enough time to write so much detail for each day. I like to include random notes to myself and vary the size of my handwriting (and include little doodles). 

In their pop up store sales assistants will approach you asking whether you want to become a member (it's free) this basically means you get sent their email newsletter, special offers and get invited to exclusive events. It's as easy as giving your email address, name and birthday. Sadly when I first signed up it didn't work for whatever reason. When I bought this diary the sales assistant asked if I wanted to join, I briefly mentioned the above and he took a genuine interest and offered me a free pen to compensate. He went on to take the time to very carefully add me into the system and check everything back with me. I was so pleasantly surprised! I wasn't planning on even mentioning it, although I was sad to have missed out on the £5 off voucher and he offered amazing customer service. The pen writes amazingly too! 

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