Sunday, 3 January 2016

Festive Wrapping

This year I wanted to wrap my Christmas gifts in a really special and pinterest worthy way. I love buying gifts and always wish that I had more money to buy more. For instance there's ten thousand billion million things that I know my mum would love but would very rarely buy for herself. Sadly as I'm in this 'fun transitional' period of life right now I decided to only give one good gift to each family member. While I know that they'll love their presents regardless of it's wrapping and the paper and tags are only briefly seen before being ripped off, it was important to me to try and make them beautiful and quirky. 

After plenty of pinterest research and having watched Zoella's Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas video I started fantasying about what I would create. Biding my time before actually purchasing any paper or accessories I started internally debating if I should just go simple and traditional and simply wrap it in paper due to money. But I had built this idea up in my head of what it was going to look like and so I was already too invested to back out now!! 

Originally I hoped to use plain brown packing paper but didn't happen across any in the shops and ended up discovering this wrapping paper in Paperchase (£3.75 for three meters). It was still a form of brown paper but covered in white print Christmas trees I felt it added depth and was in keeping with the rustic, homemade vibe I wanted to go for. But I knew I still wanted more fussiness in my creation and so went to Tiger where I found brown sting and brown luggage tags for only £1 each!! The final nature based touch of Christmas tree came from our real tree! At the beginning of December when we bought it home and cut it out of it's cocoon like net a branch fell out! Somewhere along the line it must have broke off. We were of course slightly disappointed but it didn't affect the overall aesthetic of the tree and I kept it just incase I could use it for this project. 

It was really easy to create this style of wrapping and much less expensive than I had anticipated, with the finished look costing just £5.75. I've created a pile of gifts chilling in our room awaiting to be taken with us to the north to be hand delivered to our families! I know not everyone enjoys this kind of approach and some may find it over the top but I really enjoyed myself and thinks that it adds a very personal touch and much more excitement. 

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