Sunday, 24 January 2016

James Turrell's Skyspaces \\ Curated

*This is the first of a new series on the blog called Curated where I will be discussing my favourite artists.

Where other artists use paint, canvas or any other physical object to create their work James Turrell uses light. I fell in love with his Skyspaces series as soon as I discovered them.

Almost sculptures these pieces are 'buildings' in themselves or created in the ceiling. It is essentially a window of light. A viewing space where you truly appreciate the world and the magnificent art piece that God has created. Turell harnesses light in so many ways. I imagine it would be breathtaking to sit and stand under one of these. I absolutely love his work and these are my favourite due to the purity and simply essence that they contain. It is meant to be a disservice to call art work beautiful because art should be so much more than aesthetic, but I believe not only is Turrell a genius but this delivery is beautiful beyond words. 

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