Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Our Christmas Home as Newly Weds

It's crazy to think that this is our third Christmas together. Each year has involved visiting and eating at Christmas markets and two years have included visits to London. Each year has been different but our joy continues to grow. This year marks our first as a married couple! In October 2014 we got engaged and then wed this past March. Meaning we are officially a little family!! Which can be a strange concept to wrap my head around as we are still simply 'Kiera and Bernard'. But as we didn't live together before, this year we can officially get our very own Christmas tree and do things like send out couple Christmas cards. 

For a while we debated whether or not to buy a Christmas tree. We currently rent one room in pretty much central London (so that costs a bomb!) meaning we lack both space and money. Growing up I always had real Christmas trees and so I knew that they required a stand and were usually bought from some sort of garden centre or outside a supermarket. Neither of which we know where to find near our house and there is no way we were taking a tree on the tube! 

Then early December not one, but two places popped up near our home that sold real trees!! All with already attached stands! Meaning we could buy a tree, stand included and Bernard could (ever so kindly) carry it home!!! We decided to go for it! And I'm so happy we did. I was so excited and it makes our room feel incredibly cosy and homey. 

I managed to buy a small packet of baubles from Paperchase for £6.50 and a star for £2. Sadly there were no angels to top our tree. I knew that I didn't want red or green decorations and if I had more means I would have bought far more decadent decorations. But with money and my husbands tastes in mind, I chose these small monochrome ones and they worked out perfectly! The lights are from our wedding (we have a whole box under our bed) and Bernard created a makeshift stand to increase height. 

With daylight disappearing from 3pm it's so wonderful to be able to switch off the lights and get all cosy and festive. 

Merry Christmas everyone!! ❄️

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