Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Falling in Love with Embroidered Art

In the past I never considered embroidery as an art form. My limited experience of it was after school clubs in primary school and the beautiful baby books and mementos my mum created for us when we were young. It was something associated with love and the homemade.

At work as a gallery intern part of my role is researching emerging artists and inviting them to exhibit with us, often with exhibitions revolving around a set theme and as a group show. While looking for our upcoming Contemporary Art exhibit I stumbled upon embroidery artist Danielle Clough and she changed my perception completely. 

(Image rights are owned by Danielle Clough)

Her work was so striking, particularly her series 'What a Racket'. Sculptural pieces using tennis rackets as a canvas, she embroidered flowers into the net. For me this revolutionised the medium. Something that seemed so A2 and flat in my mind had this whole new lease of life. It became a standalone entity. While it could be easily described as mixed media due to the use of rackets, much of her work uses a more traditional canvas or framing. It really made me consider embroidery as an art form and be much more receptive to those I later found in my research and really appreciate the skill and artistic communication rather than see it as purely a nostalgic item.   

She's also done a hummingbird piece which I'm so in love with!

(Image rights are owned by Danielle Clough)
Check out her:

Since this discovery I've happened across a handful of other embroiders that I've felt inspired by. They didn't have the same ground breaking revelation for me, but they stood out for individual reasons. Their work appealed to me, my interests, history and held certain aesthetics. For that reason I feel they too deserve a place in this post. 

(Image rights are owned by Adrianna Velazco)
Illustrator & Digital Designer - Adrianna Velazco 

(Image rights are owned by Chloe Giordano)
Illustrator & Book lover
Chloe Giordano 

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