Saturday, 26 March 2016

Brunch at Bill's

I first heard of Bill's through other vloggers and have been wanting to go for months and months. While living in the north I came across one in Manchester but just never got around to going. For some reason my husband doesn't 'get' brunch but it's my favourite meal of the day. Often I simply use it as an excuse to have dessert for breakfast, filling up on waffles or sweet pancakes. Breakfast Club's Pancakes and Berries are for sure my favourite, although I'm certainly partial to their Ham So Eggsited pancakes. But with a whole fun packed day ahead of us I knew I needed to opt for a healthier and more filling option. (And a hot chocolate with massives of cream of course!)

We both had a Bill's Breakfast, similar to an English fry up for the meat option or the veggie which looks like below (minus the sausages)  Being the same price I was able to swap my mushrooms for these little sausages which where surprisingly packed with so much flavour. Sourdough toast with avocado, sweet chilli sauce and poached eggs, it was certainly a different choice for me but it really did the job. 

There were so many delicious options to choose from and I was impressed by the decor, atmosphere and shelves of honeycomb, spreads and goodies to buy to take home. Next time I hope to try their peanut butter and banana french toast (with dark chocolate, almond nut butter and strawberries) and their blackberry and caramel apple eton mess and of course waffles! I'm really not joking when I say I have a sweet tooth ;).

Not only did I enjoy the food, I was actually really impressed with the prices. Our main only cost £7.95 and considering an average lunch from Pret costs me £7, I thought it was amazing! Especially considering we're getting both good quality food and a relaxing restaurant experience. 

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