Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Kikki K Stationary Store

Wander down to Covent Garden and you'll find not one, but two Kikki K stores! Seemingly from no where this brand came into our lives and filled it with design and organisation. First introduced to this store by Tasha from Graphique Fantastique I will unashamedly say that I've been back fair few times. The brand has Swedish origins and everywhere you look your eyes are filled with pinterest-worthy merchandise.

The store on the courtyard is a pop up simply to introduce the brand and pretty larger and it such a prime location. The other is just around the corner and has a more cosy feel. All of the staff members were so kind and lovely, we ended up talking about glass pens, blogging and washi tape addictions.They have also just announced that their products will also be sold in Selfridges and are hosting an event with founder Kristina Karlsson tomorrow 3-6pm at the Oxford Street store! 

These photos are from the permanent store location in Covent Garden and showcase how well designed and wonderful everything is! Decorated with clean-cut wooden, white Dalahäst horses. From fake desk set ups and uplifting quotes, the brand also preaches a mantra of positive living. Many of their products are focused on organising our lives and encouraging better habits. Sharing mindfulness, great design and unique finance organisers. They even sell beautiful, minimalistic rosegold clocks!

Due to the company's Swedish heritage I felt it had a Tiger/Ikea vibe but mixed with a more British approach to store layouts. On my first visit I was offered a chance to join their membership but I'm always sceptical when ask to sign up to things so I enquired further. When I realised it was free, I get sent offers and invited to events I jumped at the chance! I was even sent an initial £5 voucher which I hoped to use for my 2016 diary but sadly it didn't come through in time. 

However when I went to buy it another member of staff asked me about my membership (which I wasn't going to mention as I didn't have the voucher) and gave me a free pen to compensate and made 1000% sure that my email address and everything was correct. My email address is so long that it's likely it was misread or misspelt the first time round, and I later received my voucher! And the pen writes gloriously. The customer service is excellent and I was so happy! I'll admit I've been back a few times just to lust over their merchandise. 

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