Thursday, 14 April 2016

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

At the end of March we celebrated our first year of marriage with sunshine, art and pancakes. It was a perfect day, and while it's been a year we are often so busy and tired with trying to establish a starting point in our careers we often don't see much of each other. Meaning the gift of the day was truly being able to spend so much time together. 

We visited My Old Dutch pancake house for the first time and the pancakes were literally HUGE!! More than 3 times my hand across. I went for bacon, apple, maple syrup and cream with a smoothie to boost my energy for the day. It was so filling and delicious. We had such a lovely table right by the window and it really felt like summer. Followed up a walk along the river Thames and a visit to Somerset House to see their current free exhibition Venturing Beyond: Graffiti and the Everyday Utopias of the Street which was one of the best shows I've been to in a while. We both loved it!

The first few months following our wedding so many people would ask me what it's like being married and honestly for me it wasn't much different. The best way I could describe it was 'more and happier'. We waited until our wedding day to live together and I was so excited to able to expand our relationship. To give and receive 24/7 support and love one another while we work to make our lives into the adventure we want and to fulfil our aspirations together. Getting married felt like such a relief in so many ways, and this is coming from someone who didn't expect to even look at marriage until her mid-late twenties. I could finally have my husband in the fullest sense and all of it just made me so happy. 

When I turned down my mission call back in October 2014 I had no idea what would happen, and within a space of a few days got engaged. Bernard was my next step and I knew everything else would need my attention at some point e.g. figuring out my career; what and how, considering postgrad education, etc. But for a time our wedding was my focus point and that was what I needed then. To focus on the beauty of our relationship and the longevity of it. 

Since then so much has happened. My husband has interned in 4 different advertising companies across London and had his first cinema advert for none other than Cadburys chocolate. I worked part time as a waitress to fund my unpaid internships in the arts and have just started a (temporary) job as a Gallery Assistant which I am so in love with. It's incredible being able to work in the arts and since getting engaged I have been able to develop and explore so many ideas and inspirations for how I want my career to go! 

I do however long for the days when I don't work six days a week and get actual weekends with my husband!! 

So far, we have lived in a rented room above a pub with students and currently live in a hostel in the most beautiful part of London (in my opinion anyway). While life has been difficult with money, trying to start our careers and general stresses, being married is the most easy and happy thing I have ever experienced. I know it's only been one year but seriously being married is a breath of fresh air in my life. I couldn't cope as well as I have with everything without the constant love and support of my husband and I am so grateful that we got married when we did. He's the best.

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