Thursday, 21 April 2016

The 100 Day Project

All over instagram artists and creatives alike have taken up personal daily challenges and sharing them with us. From daily ink pieces and photography, it's truly inspiring to watch so many people come together and support each other follow their dreams and us this time productively. One instagram post a day really doesn't seem like a lot but when you factor in it's until July 27th(!!!) and that many people are physically creating something each day amongst their regular duties, it really is a task. 

I toyed around with the idea of participating for a while. I didn't want to commit to making something each day as I'm already working 6 days a week and have very little time. But I love the idea of something to help me move forward in my career. Eventually I decided that I could not only use this project to help myself but to help others. Researching artists is a huge part of my job and I eventually plan for my career to move into a curator role, so I have decided to highlight a new artist each day and promote my favourite pieces. 

Curating and promoting the work of others. At first I wasn't sure if I was technically cheating by not creating original work, but 'curating' does fit under the title of 'action' and already in it's beginning stages it has been incredibly well received. Each week I'm going to be focusing on certain themes, styles or mediums to navigate my curating and all will be shared with the #100daysofCurating hashtag. Make sure to follow me on instagram to follow along. I'll also be creating weekly round up blog posts celebrating each new theme! 

This project was first created by Elle Luna last year and was even featured on the instagram blog. Will you be playing along? 

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