Tuesday, 3 May 2016

100 Days of Curating | Week 1 | Pastels

100 days of Curating has begun! 

A personal project initiative founded on the 100 Day Project, however rather than creating, I am showcasing and promoting the works of other artists  Each week is based around a theme or style and I curated each piece individually, promoting them on instagram and writing a short analysis or expression of the work. So far the response has been astounding, I have been able to reach so many artists and have even been featured on Erin's art blog coma diary. Who is also taking part in the project by focusing on symmetry, doubles, pairs and twins through photography which can be seen on her instagram

My first week focuses on pastels, drawing inspiration from figurative pieces and realism, to street art. It has been so fascinating bringing in so many seemingly unrelated artists and watching the aesthetic of the 'show' develop. Choosing not only individual pieces but considering how they correlate and work together. Such as the transition from the subdued realist paintings of nostalgic British biscuits from Joël Penkman (who uses actual egg in her painting technique! ...egg tempera) to the work of abstract portrait photographer Rawson Low. 

I am throughly enjoying the process and have sneakily been storing away even more artists to show in the coming weeks. It's wonderful to research artists everyday and learn the techniques and inspirations that drive them. The 'title' of my first week is fairly unimaginable however, when compared with those used in actual gallery exhibitions, so I'm working on that and have a few ideas in the pipelineIf you have any themes or favourite creators, please let me know. Make sure to follow along on my instagram for daily updates!    

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