Thursday, 23 June 2016

Taking Time

Hello everyone. 

It's been a while. 

From April - May I spent six days, roughly 50hrs a week working. And it was amazing. I was offered  temporary full time position at a small east London art gallery to oversee their new venue and aid an external hire team from Hong Kong. Connecting with others and interpersonal skills have played a huge role in my life so it was nearly perfect. I was juggling the Hong Kong project and carrying out work for the gallery on my laptop, including tasks such as artist research, promotion and social media. 

Yet, it was temporary. Meaning I maintained my waitressing job two nights a week. Saturdays were mad. I was kindly given a shift at a later time so I could travel cross London to get there and would leave the house at 9am and return home around midnight. 

It was amazing to prove to myself that I could work so hard and be so productive, feel challenged and gain new skills. But there in still lied the uncertainly of career building and the next steps. As a result of these past two years I have learned that I can't have every single minuscule step laid out. I have my goals and a few ideas how to get there, but really all I can do is set the next one or two steps. We don't always have as much control as we lead ourselves to believe. 

I was secretly glad that the end brought a lull of time for me to recover and hopefully actually see my husband a little more! While it meant upping my waitressing shifts again, I was offered a Saturday position at the gallery as essentially a duty manager, corresponding with artists via email, helping visitors, helping interns, working on PR statements and social media promotion. 

Even though I'm still working six day weeks and planning my next steps, the hours are drastically less and I have some time to breath. 

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