Friday, 29 July 2016

Birthday Breakfast in the Sky

I love birthdays! It's up there as one of my favourite 'holidays' alongside Easter and Christmas. Granted it isn't really a holiday. But it's definitely a special day of celebration! Growing up my mum always made them into a big deal, with homemade cakes and presents on the end of our beds when we woke up that day. But living 200miles away, the celebrations this year would be up to me and my husband. Months before I started asking him to get ideas and offered to make suggestions. When I found out this initial plan fell through due to late booking, I didn't really know what to expect. I had made sure to book the Saturday off work and suggested that on the actual day we could just do 'low-key homey' things as we'd both be working anyway. 

Little did I know, that was not what he had planned. He wakes me up at 6am and when I start pulling on my ripped jeans, get told to dress fancier! We travel across to East London and struggle a bit with my old phone to navigate maps and make our way to the Heron Building. Arriving at the sky high, open 24/7 restaurant Duck & Waffle. Walking up a small carpeted entrance we were greeted by staff who directed us to a glass lift. We whizzed up to the top and were greeted by incredible views, floor to ceiling windows and beautiful interiors. 

We were initially seated towards the centre of the room, but managed to move to a window seat pretty quickly. We were served by a wonderful waiter who later sung Happy Birthday to me and served me a small 'cake' plate which Bernard had arranged prior to arrival. While the portion was smaller than he expected, it was delicious and the writing was lovely quality chocolate. The whole experience was an incredible start to my birthday. I felt so treated and so lucky. For our main meals, I ordered the English Cherries which included edible flowers and frozen yoghurt. Essentially dessert for breakfast, which is pretty perfect to me

We first heard about the location for a date idea around Valentines Day but were too late to book, so mentally filed it away for a future event. I feel so touched that my husband arranged this special birthday breakfast for me. The whole experience was dreamy, from my amazing husband, the food, to being essentially in the clouds. As cliche as it sounds the phrase 'on cloud nine' rang true. I didn't expect anything big or momentous that day. I honesty thought all we would do was watch a movie and order take out GBK (hello sweet potato fries and milkshakes). This guy never ceases to amaze and love me. I am so grateful that we get to do so many unique experiences together.  

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