Thursday, 4 August 2016

Souls of Stardust with Amy Friend

By recreating light Amy Friend has created a unique insight into vintage photography. Her series Dare all Luce or ‘To Bring to Light’ explores the uncovering of both the visible and invisible. Emphasising the fragility of memories and the physical photographic object itself. Each piece is handled individually, sourced and interpreted by the artist. Depending on the image it is worked on gently or severely by a multiple piercing of tiny holes that allow new light to shine through. Returning the photograph's subjects back to the light. Not only does the series capture an ethereal energy and spirituality but she has essentially reformed the lifecycle of light, focusing specifically on it’s role within photography. Starting at the capture where light needs to be present, the development of the physical object in a traditional dark room and finally to the piercing and re-capturing of the piece years later. Each image is made anew through being re-photographed with the light streaming through, hinting at a celestial nature of it’s occupants. It is finally titled after the handwritten captions found on the back when possible, bringing the process back to those who first starred in the scene. 

Find more of her work on her website  

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