Thursday, 26 January 2017

2016 | A Year in Review

2016 has been one crazy year. We started to establish ourselves in London by getting full time contracted jobs! Myself in the arts and my husband in advertising. We interned, lost sleep, gained (started renting) an actual flat in London just for the two of us. Got a year older and celebrated by dining in the sky. I unexpectedly became Primary President in our local congregation and constantly learn so much from it!

Some of the milestones and exciting moments..

Interned for 3 months at The Brick Lane Gallery
Celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary
Became Primary President
Worked with a team from Hong Kong for two months with The Brick Lane Gallery
Went to the top of the Shard
Saw the Graphic art of Harry Potter
Took my husband on a secret date to a screening of Romeo & Juliette with Backyard Cinema in an old, decked out church
Had my first Bank Holiday weekend off work in almost two years
Started a creative painting course and loved it
Worked at a stall at Moniker Art Fair
Our first spa getaway
Mum graduated university with a 1st class degree
Celebrated by taking her to Sketch
Helped raise £75K for charity with work at a Secret Auction exhibition and then auction in Mayfair
Visit the Jeff Koons exhibition at Damien Hurst's gallery (Newport Street Gallery) and finally got to see one of his giant balloon dogs in the flesh
Mum's graduation ceremony
Took time off to do Christmas things in London
Finally went to Everyman Cinema (to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find them ;) )
Ice skating at the Natural History Museum
Visited the Turner Prize Exhibition for the first time
My first Christmas away from home

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