Sunday, 8 January 2017

Borough Market at Christmas

Working only five minutes away from Borough Market it's a place I've wandered on lunch breaks and half days, milling around trying all the free samples and marvelling at the delicious variety. Yet never really buying much. Only ever going on my own I knew my friend Leanne would love it and made the suggestion on her next trip down to London. I truly underestimated how busy it would be on a Saturday afternoon and while we battled our way through the crowds we were met with a feast not only for our eyes but our stomachs as well.  

"The Queen of Hearts she made some tarts all on a summer's day;
The Knave of Hearts he stole the tarts and took them clean away.
The King of Hearts called for the tarts and beat the Knave full sore
The Knave of Hearts brought back the tarts and vowed he'd steal no more."

Capturing some of my favourites; I was always a sucker for Alice in Wonderland and couldn't resist feeling excited at the jam tarts. Fudge is by far my favourite 'sweet' and then there were are the beautiful french treats which I've sampled in the past and have bought lemon tarts from the same stall for my husband. I ended up going for a whole-hearty rustic, English pie with mash and gravy for my lunch! 

I love the architectural cross over of the venue, from glass, traditional and modern it creates a really fascinating backdrop. Not to mention the Christmas decorations popping up everywhere. 

Now I love love love this honey stall/shop - From Field and Flower. It has revolutionised the way I think about honey. In most supermarkets honey tastes the same. Wait until you try this stuff! Each customer is offered a spoon and a choice to try around ten different honeys, each created by bees using pollen from different flowers. It was mind blowing. The variety in flavour is huge! Starting from mild and sweet, to dark and rich. Not to mention the Raw Swedish Honey, Creamed Wildflower which literally looks like cream, and the Raw Honey Cream, Strawberry flavour.  

Leanne opted for duck confit for her lunch and oh my goodness was it delicious. Warm, succulent and I knew my husband would love it!

Now it wouldn't be a trip to Borough Market if I missed out my favourite bakery Konditor and Cook. During the summer I tried a range of their brownies, cakes and visited their stores a few times. I fell head over heels with their Curly Whirly Brownie, which has an incredible sweetness offset with salty cream cheese swirled on the top. 

They were even handing out free samples of mince pies. A traditional sweet English Christmas pie, one that many people either love or hate. I usually make these with my family every year and tend to dislike shop bought ones. But THIS WAS THE BEST MINCE PIE I HAVE EVER HAD! And that was before I even read the sign. The mince filling (apple, sultanas, mixed spice, mixed peel, etc) was so darn flavoursome! Usually with homemade ones the mixture is bought in a jar and generally tastes the same from store to store. The most notable thing with these was the real taste of orange. On their ingredients they actually list using orange oil which I would bet makes a lot of difference. But even the pastry was divine. Buttery, glazed well. I just wish I had a house full of people to entertain so I could have bought millions of them. 

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