Thursday, 2 March 2017

Harry Potter Design House MinaLima

Last July my wonderful friend Leanne came to London to help me celebrate my birthday (something that of course stretches out for a week) and we did so much that I never got around to posting all the photos! When people come to visit we always experience so much more of London than in our every day living. 

After seeing MinaLima on a friend's blog and on instagram it was a must on my bucket list. An unexpected house nestled in central brings us four jam packed floors of Harry Potter goodness and all for free!! Staffed by friendly, knowledgable employees who can talk you through the evolution of graphics as the story develops such as the changes in the Daily Prophet once the Death Eaters/Dark Lord began to take power.

From catching our Hogwarts acceptance letter to studying the text books, there was so much to absorb. Watching the films it can be so easy to overlook all the small details, but seeing them up close and personal really hit home the time and dedication it took to creating the magical world of Harry Potter.  

As we wandered around mesmerised we began to notice comedic details specific to the store itself. Such as witch exit signs and trolls hiding in the staff room! 

Then we went on to the Weasley' Wizard Wheezes store work..

Casually demonstrating the Boxing Telescope ;) 

It was a really wonderful place to visit and it is amazing that they even have this display! I had never heard of it before so it's certainly a hidden gem well worth a visit. 

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