Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Birthday in Brighton

I love to use special occasions as an excuse to go on trips or indulge in an 'experience' and my 24th birthday was no exception. After hearing so much about Brighton from the blogging and youtube community it was high on my list and with a relatively short commute from London we made it into a day trip. Even taking the day off work adds excitement (doing weekend activities when everyone else is at work!!).

As soon as we arrived I wanted us to go down to the beach. As a young child I lived by the coast in Ireland and always feel such an affinity with British beaches, something I completely forget about until I am actually there breathing out in relief.

With pebbles under our toes I tried to dip my feet in until waves crashed around my knees and we retreated to the safety of the shore (or so we thought). Brighton is home to some seriously gangster seagulls!! They see food, they go for it. There was a group of girls sat on deckchairs about to tuck into a huge portion of chips and a whole swarm of seagulls went for it! They leaped up screaming and the seagulls devoured everything!

We went on to explore the pier and ended up spending most of our day wrapped up in arcade games and novelty seaside food. From the beach we found our way to the Brighton Pavilion and while it was on my list (mainly for the Gardens) I had no idea about its architecture. It was so surreal and magnificent.

I was desperate to go explore The Lanes and was terrified that we had left it too late in the day. Living in London I just assumed that Brighton would be smaller than it was and we spent a lot of time hurriedly walking to beat the clock!! We found the flagship Choocywockydodah store and while they have a smaller location in London, it was Bernard's first time seeing the brand. He took some convincing to believe that everything really was made out of chocolate! 

It turns out that The Lanes and North Laine are two completely different places but usually both described as 'The Lanes'. One near the Pavilion and another, North Laine nearer the train station. Sadly the northern section was our last stop and we arrived near closing time. It was much bigger and there were so many wonderful independent stores to explore, I would really like to go back and spend the day there with a pocket full of spending money.

One recommendation was Roly's Fudge which we managed to catch just in time. If we had arrived earlier in the day we would have been able to watch them making the sweet goodness however I was still able to buy a big bag and see fudge that had just been finished. Although my favourite flavour is usually vanilla I went for the mixed bag and my goodness did I discover a new favourite! Sea salt!! I might even go as far to say that it was the best fudge I’ve ever had!

Brighton had such a lovely atmosphere and The Lanes felt very artsy and young. I would definitely recommend a visit and look forward to going back.

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