My name is Kiera, I live and work in London. I moved here in August 2015 just a few short months after getting married. The first year we spent nine months living in a hostel, with both of us interning in the creative industries before securing proper contracts towards the end of summer 2016. After another year in a steady internship contract I gained a full time employment in the contemporary arts in the summer of 2017 and my husband, an ex-chef continued to work as a creative in an advertising agency. We met at university in the north of England where we both studied creative advertising.

This blog aims to share our London adventures with a particular focus on food and art exhibitions. Food is such an important matter in our household with my husband's work history and my interest in a plant based diet and love of all things sweet. In January 2018 I successfully completed Veganuary! These pages will be filled with our weekend outings at countless food markets and trying to visit as many art exhibitions as possible. I am also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and often reference my religious beliefs and how they illuminate all other areas of my life.   

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